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Build Assist Program


In today's aviation environment, the options to acquire a gyroplane are somewhat limited by FAA regulations. You, pretty much, must build one yourself from a kit. A scary thought for an aviation newbie, but there is no need to fret since all major manufacturers have established a Build Assist program in one form or another.

Our partners, Silverlight Aviation and Niki Rotor Aviation, are not an exception. Their programs have evolved into a well designed process of interaction with the customer, allowing him/her to shine in their endeavor, while ensuring the quality of the build is maintained to the highest standards. Both manufacturers provide all the parts in the kit, all additional supplies, and the tools needed to put together a flying machine one would be proud of.

Silverlight Aviation is located in Zephyrhills, Florida, just a short drive north east of Tampa. The great variety of local accommodations makes your stay there very pleasant, while Abid and his excellent crew would ensure your time at the shop is well organized and efficient.

Niki Rotor Aviation is located in Bulgaria. Yes, that is a another country, but today's air travel have removed all distance barriers. You will be met at the airport in Sofia by a customer service ambassador, who speaks excellent English, and will be your assistant throughout your stay there. While the days would be spent at the factory building your gyroplane, the afternoons and evenings would allow your to soak in the culture of this ancient country.

Additionally, we will make sure all of your questions are answered, and will advise you on all aspects of preparation and execution of your plan to acquire a new gyroplane. Our pledge to you, the customer, is that you can count on us to guide you and assist you every step of your journey.

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