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Come Fly With Us

Whether it's becoming a gyro pilot or just discovering the gyroplane for the first time, we have you covered.

Flight Training

We provide the stress free environment you need to become a safe and skilled pilot. Flying gyroplanes is supposed to be fun, so even when training, we encourage our students to enjoy the moment. And remember, skilled pilots have more fun, because they posses the ability to handle various situations safely.

Introductory Flights

Once you see people having fun flying gyros, it is inevitable to ask yourself if this is suitable for you as well. Do you have what it takes to zoom through the sky on a magic carpet? 

There is only one way to answer these questions with 100% certainty - take an introductory flight with us.

Gyroplane Sales

Great, you decided to purchase a gyroplane, but who to turn to for advice, assistance, and eventually help with keeping that wonderful new machine in top shape...

Call us and let us be the one-stop shop for everything gyroplane related.

About L.A. Gyroplane Aviation

L.A. Gyroplane Aviation, Inc. was established in 2018 with the mission to popularize the modern gyroplane in California and the Los Angeles Basin in particular. Although Southern California had been a hot bed for flying gyroplanes in the past, its adoption of the modern gyro has been a bit behind the rest of the country.

We believe that providing access to safe, efficient and affordable training is the first step to show our fellow pilots the many benefits of these wonderful machines.


The advice and assistance we provide in choosing your own gyroplane is based on extensive research  of the various brands and models available today, and on our own experience.


In addition, once you bring your new gyro home to Los Angeles, you can always count on us to provide maintenance advice and service when you need it. Our familiarity with the local airports and airspace ensures our customers receive the best information on how to select an appropriate hangar for their bird.

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