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Kallithea by Niki Rotor Aviation


Kallithea (from Greek “the best view”) is an elegant gyroplane with a spacious cockpit and marvelous view. The whole aircraft is made of carbon fiber and it has a monocoque construction. The tail is under the propeller and is also made of carbon fiber materials.

Kallithea at sunset...
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Kallithea with Rotax 915iS Engine and 4 blade propeller...
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Blue Kallithea with Rotax 915iS engine...
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A more robust propeller is needed for the powerful 915iS engine...
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Kallithea close up...
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Kallithea instrument panel...
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Kallithea - tail surfaces aligned with the thrust line if the propeller...
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Kallithea with Rotax 914UL engine and e-prop...
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Folding mast and removable doors make the aircraft customer-friendly. You could enjoy open air cockpit during summer time and a closed one during winter. The aerodynamic design allows the aircraft to be stable in the air with an excellent flying performance. Niki Rotor Aviation could customize every single detail and component.

Kallithea Gyroplane Wins At Bensen Days 2022

At the end of March 2022, we brought a Kallithea gyroplane to Bensen Days in Wauchula, Florida, for the first time. The trip from Los Angeles was long and exhausting, but it was all worth it in the end.

Visiting with old gyro friends is always great, but now we were finaly able to show them in person this fantastic machine. The same one we have been telling them about for months while flying it all over Southern California.

Their opinion was unanimous - they all loved it, they wanted one for themselves.

It appears, the judges agreed with them, and awarded the "1st Place Two-place Gyroplane" trophy to our aircraft.

Please contact us for more information on how to purchase your new Kallithea gyroplane.

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